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How can you benefit from microFIT?

— Earn up to $1000.00 for supplying a successful reference.

— Help your clients turn their home into an income property.

— Feel good that you are helping make a greener planet.

Free estimates.

How can your clients benefit from microFIT?

— Add a microFIT system to the mortgage and let the income help pay the mortgage for the next 20 years.

— Use a line of credit at 4.5% and still earn 8% over interest costs.

— Up to 14% return over 20 year contract.

— Make it an income property by using unused roof space for added income.

— 25 year warranty, standard on most systems.

— Easy monitoring for owner peace of mind.

— Collect returns from your local hydro company for 20 years.


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What is microFIT?