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Letter of Recommendation – Go Solar Plus

Dear Sir:Go Solar Plus installed a 35 panel solar system on my roof in the latter part of 2010.   I have been very pleased with both the service and performance of the system that was installed and can recommend Go Solar Plus to anyone contemplating a system.Go Solar Plus was efficient and professional in getting the approval under the Microfit program and I was quite pleased with the selection of materials and design for the system.  These included the highest rated panels on the market and the latest technology for microinverters.   I also used a higher end roof scaffolding system that was difficult to install.  Installation was professional and I was quite pleased with the work carried out.I appreciated Go Solar Plus’s technical approach to the work and I also like that fact that he is directly involved in all aspects of the installation and procurement process to make sure everything works as planned.Perhaps the best part of the experience is the excellent follow-up service that he provides after the panels were installed.   Go Solar Plus made a number of unsolicited trips to service and inspect the panels to make sure they were operating to spec.   During the first two years, two panels and one microinterver had to be replaced and Go Solar Plus was prompt in contacting the suppliers and replacing the equipment.In summary, in all aspects the procurement and installation process, Go Solar Plus provided excellent service and based on my experience, I can highly recommend him on other such work.


Daryl , Ph.D, B.Ed.


To whom it may concern.

Three years ago, I had spoken with several PV system installers and after extensive research and
consultation, decided to hire Dan Holtl of Go Solar Plus. Dan Came to my property and assessed
the site, went over several options with me, and answered all of my questions quite satisfactorily. He
had a very good understanding of the FIT and MicroFIT programs. We set up an installation date for
a few weeks later. Go Solar Plus showed up at the specified time with everything that they needed
for the job, and though they said that I didn’t have to hang around, I was more than welcome to watch
over their shoulders. Of course I stayed, though my assistance was not required. I set out a lawn
chair, cooler, and my camera tripod. The electrician that he had recommended came around not long
after the installation crew and went over my hookup options with me, and assisted crew by installing
the wires that interconnected the panels. He came back a few days later to connect the system to the
meter and grid. He too was courteous and knowledgeable. Before leaving, Dan made sure that I was
happy with the precise locations of the panels, and aligned them perfectly. They left the site clean and
tidy, removing all litter and waste.
Three years later my system has been performing flawlessly and as predicted. I have had no
problems and do not foresee any to come.

Sincerely, Jim.





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