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Solar – Off Grid

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Off Grid Solar PV systems, generate, store and supply electricity captured from the sun. These systems are usually used for cottages, barns or dwellings where electricity through hydro poles is not accessible, readily available or economical. If you are currently connected with electricity, please click here. With an off grid system solar PV panels will be placed on your roof or ground mounted in a east, south, west facing array. The electricity generated by the modules is conditioned and sent to batteries for use at a later time. The inverter changes the battery power to 120V a/c, ready to power most household items. This allows usage during night time hours or on cloudy days. The size of the system depends on how often electricity will be needed and how long it will be used along with other factors.

HPIM0822 thermal

Solar Thermal hot water evacuated tubes work even in cold weather making them perfect for year round heating even in Canada’s cold climate. Solar water heaters for indoor and outdoor pools, jacuzzis and hot tubs can save you bundles and extend your swimming season. Solar thermal systems can be used for in floor heating or in radiators, thus saving you money during the winter and also for cooling in the summer.

Pool Time is Solar Time

With the spring quickly approaching, now is the time to make that investment into heating your pool for FREE. Our solar pool heaters use vacuum tubes and have the longest life expectancy and highest performance.

Easy to install DIY solar pool heater kits are the best way to cut your pool heating costs! We offer system for both regular pool and salt water pools.

Give us a call and let us help you, step by step on making sure your system is right for you.





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