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What is FIT and microFIT?

FIT 3.0 has been released
microFIT rooftop now pays $0.384 per Kwh with 22% Ontario content.

If you would like your application to be submitted ASAP, please fill out this form and return it to

OPA’s (Ontario Power Authority)FIT and microFIT Incentives:

On September 24, 2009, the Government of Ontario officially launched Canada’s first feed-in tariff (pays up to $.384 per Kwh produced), a new renewable energy program established under the landmark Green Energy Act.  The feed-in tariff is a cornerstone of the province’s long term energy plan in making Ontario a North American leader in the development of green energy and jobs.

The Green Energy Act:

  • Allows home owners to invest in a solar system.
  • Guarantees rates for energy generated from renewable sources. Through the 20 year microFIT contract, Solar PV rooftop is the highest paying at $0.384 per Kwh generated.
  • Provides the right to connect to the LDC electricity grid for renewable energy projects that meet technical, economic, and other regulatory requirements.
  • Delivers a one-stop, streamlined approval process and provides service guarantees for renewable energy projects that meet regulatory requirements.
  • Requires domestic content for renewable energy projects thus creates job opportunities at home.
  • Helps local communities, including First Nation and Métis, to build, own, and operate their own renewable energy projects.

Ontario Power Authority is responsible for administering FIT and microFIT projects. 

microFIT applications are being accepted. 

Renewable energy projects that generate less than 10 kW of electricity will have a different application process than larger commercial projects and will be administered as micro-feed-in tariff (microFIT) projects.

A dedicated website is available and provides details on program requirements and the application process, as well as step-by-step instructions to assist homeowners, developers, and small businesses in getting started. Visit the O.P.A. website.

Information on renewable energy development and approvals can also be accessed through the provincial government’s Renewable Energy Facilitation Office.


  • “Feed-in Tariff” refers to the specific price paid to renewable energy suppliers for the green energy they produce.
  • It guarantees market-viable prices for electricity generated from renewable energy sources and provides a reasonable rate of return for projects of different types and sizes. It includes standardized program rules, prices and contracts. The rates are based on the size of the project and the type of energy used to generate electricity.
  • A Feed-in Tariff helps spark new investment in renewable energy generation by offering proponents easier access to financing and the energy grid, and a streamlined approvals process.

Solar Glossary

  1. Solar Module – This is the unit which collects the suns energy and converts it into electricity.
  2. Racking – This holds the modules in place and can be fastened to a roof, solar tracking system or ground mounted.
  3. Inverter – Changes the type of electricity from direct current from the module to alternating current that can be synchronized with the grid.
  4. Grid – The Grid is the network of wires which run from the point of the electrical generation to the end user.
  5. Grid Tied – This is a term for the inter-connection with the grid, in order to supply to, or consume energy from the grid.
  6. Off Grid – This is an energy system independent from the grid which generates power into a closed electrical system. It may consist of various forms of generation and energy storage.
  7. OPA – The Ontario Power Authority is responsible for ensuring an adequate, long-term supply of electricity in Ontario. They are also the governing authority on contracts and pricing of electricity in Ontario.
  8. LDC –  Local Distribution Company, The company which manages and maintains your areas electrical service lines. This is the company that you pay your bills to, also the company who issues your generation cheques.
  9. Kwh – Kilowatt hours = 1000 watts per hour.
  10. Generation Meter – The meter installed beside your hydro meter and measures energy generated by your system.

Tax Considerations

Please see the Canada Revenue Agency for more information.

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